Infrequently Asked Questions

Q. Why do you call your blog Sweet Sassyfats?
A. I'm sweet. I'm sassy. I'm fat. It's pretty much that simple. Besides, "Just Christie" was already taken. I was thinking of just using "Sweet Sassafras," but I'm not really sure what sassafras is. So I went with wordplay.

Q. Are you a Fat Acceptance activist?
A. Not exactly. While I read several "Fativist" blogs, and am eternally grateful to their existence, my blog isn't totally focused on the art of being fat without hating oneself. Nor is it totally focused on the effort to educate the general public that fatties are people too. I write about Fat Acceptance a lot because the issue is dear to my heart. But I'm not limited to one topic. I tend to write whatever is on my mind.

Q. Why are you so intent on staying fat?
A. I'm not. I'm intent on having a healthy self image. Right now. Today. Even as a Fatty McFatterson. Ever since I started striving to have a healthy self image, I've been treating my body much better than I ever have before. I love to exercise. I enjoy eating healthy foods in appropriate portions. Overall improved health is my goal. Weight loss has been a welcome side effect, but it hasn't been my primary goal. As long as I'm taking a healthy approach both physically and mentally, it's all good. It's a Health at Every Size approach.

Q. Are you jealous of skinny people?
A. I try not to be. I realize we all have our own dragons to slay. Yes, a lifetime of being fat in a fat-phobic society has taught me to build walls instead of bridges. But I'm trying to change that. As I tell my kids, God makes people in lots of different sizes. And that's OK.

Q. Why does everyone have a pseudonym in your blog? Don't you know anyone with normal names?
A. I originally set out to be an anonymous blogger. I wanted to have a voice and hide at the same time. I know, that doesn't make much sense. Anyway, if I was going to hide behind my screen name, I thought it was only fair to use pseudonyms for the people I write about. I created my Cast of Characters page to help newcomers figure out who is who.

Q. So then why don't you use a pseudonym for your trainer?
A. A lot of people from my gym read this blog. I want them to know how much Holloway has helped me. He's good at what he does. If they're ever looking for a trainer, I hope they give him a shot.

Q. Do you have any pets?
A. Two cats and a dog. Why do you ask?

Q. I dunno. Just makin' conversation at this point.
A. Ok. Anything else?

Q. Do you ever write fiction?
A. I create a lot of fiction in my head. Then I start to write it down, decide it sucks, and throw it away. Then I feel all hopeless about my writing ability and I wonder what it would be like not be afraid to just go out on a limb and get someone else's feedback. Then I remember that I have a public blog, which means I have plowed through some of the fear to put my writing out there. Then I have a mild panic attack and hope that people don't use the comments section to tell me how much they hate my writing. Then I debate whether to delete the whole blog and pretend none of this ever happened. Then I remember that most of the people who read my blog actually know me in real life and are way too polite to tell me how bad my writing really is. Yay, manners!

Q. You're really kinda screwed up in the head.
A. That's not a question.

Q. Let me rephrase it, then. Did you know that you're really kinda screwed up in the head?
A. Yes. Thank you for noticing.