Cast of Characters

Several people in my life have recurring roles in my blog posts. For some strange reason, I was compelled to create a page with everyone listed here so you know a little more about why they keep showing up in my posts. I have no better intro than this. Moving right along...

Sweet Sassyfats
Real Name: Christie
Approximate Age: Born in 1973, you do the math
Occupation: Super Mommy, Trophy Wife, Technical Editor, Occasional Blogger. Only one of these jobs actually pays money.

Miracle Man
Real Name: Mike
Approximate Age: Born in 1972, ergo perpetually older than me.
Relation to Sweet Sassyfats: Husband

Real Name: El (that's all you're gettin')
Approximate Age: Born in 2002
Relation to Sweet Sassyfats: First of Two Children

Real Name: Em (that's all you're gettin')
Approximate Age: Born in 2006
Relation to Sweet Sassyfats: Second of Two Children

Dear Mama
Real Name: Diane
Approximate Age: Yeah, like I'm dumb enough to put that in here. She reads this blog, ya know!
Relation to Sweet Sassyfats: She's my Mommy, of course

Good Ol' Pops
Real Name: Jack
Approximate Age: He says Old as Dirt, but he's just being modest
Relation to Sweet Sassyfats: He's my Daddy, of course

Elder Brother
Real Name: JP the Great
Approximate Age: He says 27. And he's 3 years older than me. It's a conundrum.
Relation to Sweet Sassyfats: Well, what do you think?

Sweet Little Sister
Real Name: Special K
Approximate Age: She says 25. And she's only 6 years younger than me. Another conundrum.
Relation to Sweet Sassyfats: Three guesses

Younger Brother
Real Name: Jo(h)n
Approximate Age: Found him in the back yard in 1982, presumably hatched from an inter-galactic pod. Parents insisted on keeping him.
Relation to Sweet Sassyfats: You did so great on the last two, I'll let you guess this one too!

Real Name: Actually, it really is Holloway
Approximate Age: I have no idea
Relation to Sweet Sassyfats: Task Master Personal Trainer

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