Saturday, December 22, 2012


I don’t subscribe to doomsday prophecies as a general rule. But with the long-anticipated last day of the Mayan calendar rapidly approaching, I’m starting to get sucked into the hype. It doesn’t help that I’ve become addicted to H2’s Countdown to Armageddon. They thought it would be cute to put on doomsday programming for the first 21 days in December. I wonder if they have anything on the schedule for December 22? I guess I'll find out on Saturday. Or will I? 
Anyway, if you’re reading this, congratulations: you survived the end of the world. Whether you are a human, a zombie, or an alien, you have something to celebrate today – you are alive. And you have electricity. And you have an Internet connection. If there is even a remote possibility that you can score your favorite overpriced drink at Starbucks, you’ve got this life-after-Armageddon thing all figured out. Go you!
Since nobody really knows what time fireballs are supposed to start hurling through the atmosphere on December 21, I am going to schedule this post to go live at 12:01 on December 22. Otherwise, how will we really know we got through it? What good is celebrating your survival if you get obliterated in the middle of your happy dance? We have to keep our wits about us, people.
Anyway, happy Doomsday Survival Day. Now who’s up for cake?

Cake? Anybody seen any cake? Hello?

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